Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a walk means a hike...

Hallo!! When i first arrived here, I got off the plane, followed the crowd through customs, and then there was Rafa and her dad with a sign saying "welcome lindsay!" We then sat down, while Gehard got some coffee, and we talked a little...then it was time for the 3 hour drive...but I slept most of it so I was good :DWhen i arrived to Rafa's house, I got a tour, theres 4 floors, its veryy modern, and just so different..but I like it! Its very cozy, even though its so different..i then proceeded to take a 3 hour nap (sorry everyone who told me to stay awake to help with the time change!) hahaha..but Im adjusted to the time change :D
I started to unpack my bags..and then I had a little moment of panic..Im in another hit friends or native english one I places i recognize...and right when I was feeling down, Rafa walked in my room with her lederhosen(traditional german dress) on, and said " you want to go to a bavarian festival?" "yes!!" i was just what I needed!
So, we went to her friend Anny (anna) 's house, and other girls, Anna, Nina, Laura, Kersie, and Mika, who was an exchange student from Argentina, and  a fellow english speaker, met with us :D
We started to walk and walk and walk, and all the girls were in heels, and their outfits, and we walked about 300km( 3 miles) to the festival!
When we got there,it was just as i expected! There was a crazy band who was singing loud and the lead singer was stomping his foot, and all the people were clapping, jumping, falling, laughing,  and clanking their HUGEEEEE beersteins... I met alot of Rafa's friends, and they were all very nice! :)
The next day, tuesday,  i slept in :) Maresa, (my host mother) took me into the town of Neumarkt,and it is sooo pretty! all the buildings that the stores are in are different colors with flowers in the windows, and we got ice cream from an italian-owned shop..SO GUTTT! then, me and Rafa climbed to the top of the mountain to the castle Wolfstein (volfstein, wolf and stone it means) , the castle is in my album on the top of the mountain! The view was unreal!! You feel like you are ontop of the world, yet you feel so small, and its a good feeling, i could stand there for hourss!
And today, I went to schoool..that was very interesting...Rafa has shcool from 8 to 1 every day except tuesday. We rode the bikes, and its so funny to see business men in suits, and women in very nice work clothes..on  a bike..haha..but EVERYONE takes a bike here..its crazy! and we are like part of traffic..we have to wait at the light, for it to turn green, along with the cars! We arrived, and the school has like a parking garage..for bikes only... haha..its so weird!
But, then, we went to Rafa's classes, and I sometimes knew what was going on, and in spanish I knew! that was the easiest class to understand! The teachers really didnt notice me..except for the spanish teacher..but I guess  thats better than "HERES OUR EXCHANGE STUDENT EVERYONE!" ...right?
So, I decided that Im only to go on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays :)
Its 1:00am, so I better get to bed! tomorrow, we meet up with Rafa's brother, Nico, and were going to a concert in Nuremberg! :D
Guten Nacht! :D chow!

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