Saturday, July 30, 2011

In the Past 3 weekss...

I really don't know where time goes..its crazy.. I remember when I was at the Rotary Conference in the beginning of june(miss all you guys SO much), and thinking "ughhh about 5 more weeks I have to wait!" But now im sitting here, and I have one day left. One more day to eat delicious food (no offense mom), to be with my host parents, to be with Rafa's friends, to semi-understand a language that I didnt know before I came here, and just to be in this beautiful place. I feel like I've adjusted, I've learned so much of the language, the culture, and I feel like I somewhat fit in, and of course its time to go. At the same time, I miss sleeping innnnn, seeing faces I know, and hearing a conversation that I don't have to pretend I understand. Being here makes me want to take my friends and family here SO bad, to show them what I've seen and how much fun it is here! To sum it all up, the biggest lesson I learned was that everyone is the same. No matter where your from, what language you speak, where you've been,  we all have so much in common. Laughter and dancing is something I've shared the most here... when I'm at the disco and dancing with Rafa and her friends, or laughing about something funny with Rafa, I forget we are from different countries, or that there is even a language barrier, its a beautiful thing.

So, to sum this adventure up, in the past three weekss I...
*went to 6 cities :Frankfurt, Regensburg,Nuremberg, Neumarkt, Erlangen, and Munich!
*met/hung out with a girl named Mika, from Argentina, she is living with one of Rafa's friends for a year..we're the same age, and we were both in the same boat, so it was nice to have her :)
*met a girl from spain that was staying with a family friend of Rafa
*met Rafa's adopted, beautiful, ethiopian relatives in Munich
*met/hung out with a boy from chili who knew my host brother from Rotary cause they both spent a year together in the US and were re-uniting! :D
*tried alottt of traditional German food
*tried German beer
*spent wayyy to many euros..
*saw harry potter in english/3-D
*met a boy from Argentina that spent a year in Australia with Rotary
*got the most exercise I've ever gotten in a three week period..
*been on every form of transportation I think possible
*learned alot of German!
*went to discosss(lovee!)
*met a cousin and aunt of Rafa from Munich, her cousin was in the USA for a year with Rotary(he speaks beautifulll english), they shared they're crazyy traveling stories/experiences, and we all laughed and talked for hourss
*learned that Germans are very friendly and warm people :)
*wore mostly fall clothes cause of the weatherr!
*got sun-burnt! (the one day it wasnt raining...haha)

...and the biggest thing I did the past three weeks was learn. I learned that if I can accomplish about a month by myself, in the un-known..that I can do anything! Once you experience one place, you want to go EVERYWHERE! This is my 3d time out of the country, but being much farther (and on my own) than the other two times is exciting, and I'm already planning the next place I want to go! It just seems so easy now, and I know that I can do it :)

Its now Sunday here (12:05am), and I leave tomorrow :( 3 weeks was the perfect amount of time. After the first week I was getting so emotional and thinking, "how am I going to leave these people?!" but, now that time has passed, I am definently ready to be home, in my bed, with my family...and with Rafa :) I can't wait to see what America is like for her! Her life was verryyy different for me, so I know it will be a change!

I will be back one day...I can promise you that.

Auf Weidersehen Deutschland<3

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