Monday, July 25, 2011


The one thing alot of people don't realize is how hard this process is. Think about are literally going to another country, living with people you've never met,trying your best to communicate, and its up to YOU to become friends with a stranger, fit into their lifestyle, and hope that everything works out!?!? thats crazy!! When I was about to land on my way here..thats what I thought. and I freaked out. I give MAJOR props to Ari Carr..idk HOW a year in another country can be easy!

Some people  told me before I left to "have fun on my vaca"..well..newsflash..its not like a vaca! Yes, its so much fun, and I dont want to leave! But... trying to fit into someone elses world, doing what they do, eating what they eat, getting on their schedule, trying to be friends with their friends, and going the places they go...its challenging!

I've learned that people here are very structured..I look for sleep whenever I can...cause I'm lackingg..hahah! They never sleep in too late here, but they don't mind staying up into weeee hours of the morningg having a gooodd timee..they are always on time..if they say they will be there bet they will. People are always helping eachother out, no matter what it is..which is nice to seee. Another thing is that every public facility here is CLEAN...haha I ask all the time "Is this new?" "did they just build this?"  cause they don't trash stuff like you see in america! I like to think that I've adapted here, but I'll always do something a little different than the natives, but thats perfectly okay :) I'm learning the language, its not that hard, and everyday I'm embarassing myself by throwing a phrase or some of the little input I can share in This whole thing is a huge learning experience in every aspect. Rotary prepares you the best they can about how different life will be, but in the moment you're too excited to think about the reality of everything new!

All in all, this is a HUGE learning experience for everyone learn what you can accomplish on your own, what you can teach others, what they can teach you..and the biggest thing I've learned is that someone thousands of miles from home is just like me! I think EVERYONE should do something like this if they have the opportunity :) I can't wait to show Rafaela what my life is should be fun!


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