Friday, July 22, 2011

What I've been up to..

Hello! I'm sorry for the lack of photos, the only way I can do it is if i use my host-mothers comp, and she takes it to work and its hard to find the time! I have done and seen so much, its crazy!

Well, in the first week, I went into the town of Neumarkt with my host mother while Rafa was at school. Its beautiful!!! It is kindof like i pictured, but better. The buildings have flowers in the windows, and they are each a different color, and look so pretty together :) The town has a huge church called St. Johannes, or St. John. At the veryyyy top, is a balcony which overlooks the wholee city. My host mother said "do you want to go up there?" and I responded with a "yes!! but how?" and she winked at me and told me to follow her. We then went to the like "office" of the preist, where people arrange meetings, do paperwork for him, and so on...My host mother, maresa, got us the key to the balcony and explained it was forbidden, but today was our lucky day! we climbed atleast 12 or 13 flights of stairs, and when I thought I couldnt climb any longer...there it was! A absolutely beautiful view! I could'nt believe my eyes. I stood there and took it all in, and enjoyed my moment on the balcony :) Neumarkt is a combo of the old and new. The buidlings are old, and date back to many years ago, but the stores are so modern, and theres a lot of shopping to do! They have an H&M, boutiques, jewelry stores, bakeries, restaurants, ice cream shops, clothing stores...everything!

The next place I went was Regensburg with  Rafa. We took a train after she came home from school, and let me tell you...the trains are fun! haha..they remind me so much of harry potter..they're really clean, and some of them have two levels, bathrooms on them...they're really nice! Regensburg is the famous city containing "the dom", which is the St. Petersburg is soo massive and intricate, its nuts! I couldnt even get far enough back to get a full picture, cause its so huge! Regensburg has brick roads, veryyy narrow alley ways full of shopping, restaurants, and history. I walked on the famous Danube pedestrian bridge that I was googling images of a few months ago... :) Regensburg has so much to do, our few hours spent there was not nearly enough! I hope to go back again soon!

The next place I went was Nuremberg. This is where my host father works, so he was our tour guide! It is similar to Regensburg, but theres alot more history here. There is a famous road the Nazi's marched on that he showed me, and A castle called Kaiserburg, and the view from Kaiserburg overlooking Nuremberg was breath-taking...also, the famous artist Albrecht Durer's house still stands in Nuremburg, and we went inside! He was one of the most famous painters in europe during the 14-1500's. I've been to Nuremberg 3 times once to see the town, once to shop with rafa, and the next time to see harry potter :) It was in english, and 3-D! woo! the movie theater has like 5 levels, cafes in it...its crazy! def not like americaa.

This past tuesday, me and Rafa went to Erlangen, and stayed with my host brother, its where he goes to college. The town is hugeeee! and has a mac store :D and just so much to do! It kindof reminds me of wilmington(but 20x bigger) because half the population is college students. My host brother, Nico, explained that 30,000 people go to his college, but its different, its like spread out, into different campuses, because theres sooo many students! Me and rafa went out that night with Nico and some of his friends, and had a good time :D

That is basically what I've bee up to! tomorrow morning, me and rafa are leaving for Munich to stay with her cousins and seeing the city saturday and all day sunday! I'm sooo excited!!

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