Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I've learned..

Some things I've learned since I've been in Germany...
-The only type of bottled water here is matter where you go
-Your legs and your bike is the most common type of transportation here
-If someone does you a favor, no matter how big or how small, you buy them a gift
-People here are very independent and responsible, at a young age,they cook, clean, and take care of their things
-Everything is clean and well-taken care of here...which is nice! haha
-The trains are so fun! they are above ground, and theres 2 levels to sit in :D
-"Kaput" means  "no good"
-that I should have taken my german phrase book out wayyyyy before the other night...hahaha
-Alot of the houses look the same, but Rafa thinks they look different!
-That Neumarkt is beautiful, and the veiw from the Wolfstein castle(Volfstein) is unrealll
-That I miss home much, but then I realize I will always have my family, but I may never always have these people I'm with here :/
-That the people here are very friendly, and you always get a "hallo", when you see someone on the street
-The food is SO GOOD! They eat very healthy, and fruits and veggies are like 90% of their diet!
-That they loveeeeee hispanic music as much as I do<3<3<3
-That they get the words "laugh" and "love" in english confused..hahaha!
-That they like to dance and have a good timeee!
-That Italian owned ice cream shops are verryyyy popular..and delicious!

...everyday I find myself learning something new, some German words, phrases, some type of food, a store, a tradition...always something new..

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