Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little bit of everything

Sorry, I lied! There actually may be a few more posts before i leave :) 

Today, I skyped with my host sister Rafaela. We skyped for an hour and 30 mins..prob the longest I've skyped with her so far! At first its "how are you?" "what did you do today?"..then after that, its  questions galoreee!!! "what do you do on weekends usually?" "whats your/our curfew?" I find myself laughing alot when I skype with her because we tend to play pictionary, since its hard to understand what eachother says or is trying to explain sometimes.Therefore, i find myself drawing, motioning with my hands, or getting my german phrasebook out (I pronounce it wrong, so I'm back to square one), so to say the least, our skype convos are 10% talking, 90% laughing :) 

My mother is a high school history teacher, a sweet woman that I've also "met" via skype. She doesnt speak too much english, but enough to make small talk with me. I learned today that she plays tennis on a team on the weekends and loves it! A few weeks ago, when I last skyped with Rafaela, her mother  came in the room up to where Rafaela was sitting and said "Hi! You are welcome as our daughter in our home" she gave me a big smile, and I thanked her and said the same about Rafaela...she seems so sweet!

My father seems like a very smart man. For one, hes a business economist. I also "met" him on skype, and after he said "how are you?" he went on and on about the history of his town and wars and battles, and something about the He knows sooo much!  I hope to learn alot from him :)

I also have two brothers. Ones name is christian and he is 26. Hes on his own and hes a lawyer, so I do not think I will be meeting him. My other brother, Nicolas,  is 19. He speaks english beautifullllyyyy! haha! when I first got my host family, I called the house phone and my host mother picked up, and when she heard my english, she handed the phone to Nicolas. He is very smart, along with Rafaela. He plays piano, tennis, and he just left for college in May, but comes home some weekends, so I'll get to meet him :) 

Another thing i forgot to menchion! When I made that first phone call to my family, Rafaela was on a trip, but Nicolas informed me Rafaela would be in school until July 29th, and I panicked! I instantly thought "HOW in the world is this going to work?!! She can't miss school and I have to leave for college august 25th!"  3 weeks is the minimum amount you HAVE to do in your country and vice -versa. So after talking to Rafaela, she said I could go to school with her for fun! oh boy! Then my next thoughts were "Are they gonna think I'm weird?" "Are they not gonna like me cause I'm American?" "Are they gonna talk about me in German?" ahhhh!!! But, like everything else about this trip, I'm realizing, this will be yet another way to experience Rafaela's lifestyle, her friends, teachers, classes, EVERYTHING. 

So, Im trying to calm my nerves day by day, and focus on all the things I'm looking forward to :) 

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